I came to live at Mary’s Haven in June 2008. It has been home for me. Corey, Sara, and the staff have been very good to me. They make sure I am happy and I have what I need. We have good meals and snacks everyday. I am very happy here.
Ms. Gerry

I came to Mary’s Haven in hope for some help with my condition. I received a such warm welcome and feel loved here. The care we get is great. We have tasty food and our needs are met. Mary’s Haven continues to be a blessing to me.
Ms. Edna

When the time comes to search for care outside the home for an aging loved one, you are never prepared for the questions and doubt you face. You always wonder whether you have made the right decisions where to place that precious loved one and in whose hands that care will rest.
After an extended stay in a local nursing home, my mother’s health never seemed to be improving. It was time to move mother to a different care facility because she was not receiving the care our family desired her to have. However, due to her declined physical state, we were unsure how long mother would be with us.
A friend recommended Mary’s Haven to me and my family. Since we made the decision to move mother’s residence, her health and mental state has improved tremendously; far beyond what we ever imagined. She is happy and content; very well satisfied in her personal and medical care.
Mary’s Haven takes care of any doctors visits when necessary and makes sure a family member is notified immediately if an emergency arises. She is attended to on a regular, daily and personal basis and treated with the utmost respect.
As children of a precious mother, we feel this move was a true gift from God. Corey, Sara, and the employees have become a part of our family. It is not uncommon to see Corey and Sara at the dining table with the ladies having lunch or having a leisure conversation with one of or all the ladies.
Jane Ann

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you have given to my mother. We will be happy to give you a reference at anytime.